Our pet boarding facilities are designed to keep your pet happy, active and carefree while you’re away, and our receptionist and techs love giving our boardings tons of play and cuddle time! Our main boarding location is at our Middletown office. Additionally we offer cat and dog boarding at our Marlborough facility and cat-only boarding at our East Haddam office.

Does your pet have special needs? We can administer medications and fluids while they’re staying with us. We can also perform exams, diagnostics and any additional treatments you would like.

We look forward to meeting your pet!
To make a reservation call 860-347-1122 ext 1129

Doggie Daycare
Consider signing your dog up for Doggie Daycare while they board. See details below.
Other Services To Try!
• Swim Club
• Physical Therapy
• Behavior Consultations
• Dog Training Classes

Dog Boarding

Your pooch will enjoy a climate controlled spacious sleeping area with heated floors. They will also have access to indoor and outdoor play areas and personalized attention from our staff.

Suite Options

Loft $17.25/night
6 x 4 feet
Upper level of kennel
15 minute play sessions

Deluxe $20.25/night
11 x 6 feet
Lower level of kennel
Raised dog bed
15 minute play sessions

VIP $24.24/night
11 x 6 feet
Lower level of kennel
Raised dog bed
30 minute play sessions
Scented bath day of discharge


Cat Boarding

Your kitty will enjoy a tranquil feline-only boarding area designed as an indoor jungle where cats can relax and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature.

Suite Options

Single Condo $14.25/night
3 x 3 feet
Single Level
Houses 1 cat

Double Condo
One cat $18.25/night; Two cats $24.50/night

Two Levels of 3 x 3 feet
Allows for climbing and maximum perching ability
Houses 1-2 cats


  • Middletown Boarding Facility Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-8pm | Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm (at our additional hospitals drop-offs and pick-ups are available during regular business hours)
  • We provide Hill’s Science Diet for your pet while boarding, or you’re welcome to bring in your own food
  • Please call ahead of time to make a reservation.
  • Feel free to bring your pet’s favorite toy/blanket from home, or choose one from our expanded retail area!
  • We offer a multi-dog discount if 2 dogs stay in one run
  • If you’d like your pup to receive additional exercise consider signing them up for Doggie Daycare while they’re boarding. After staff approval to make sure they play well with others they will enjoy tons of indoor/outdoor play and socialization from 8am-5pm on Monday-Friday. Check out our Doggie Daycare page for more information.